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Here we are raiding again!!! General raid rules (for attendance and conduct) will remain the same. Please see this thread for them (except we are raiding two days a week at the present time).

Relisting loot rules and breakdowns below. Please read and hope to see you at the raids!!! :D

DKP awarded

 20 points per 1 hour of raid attended (3 hr raid = 60 points)
 Each boss killed is 40 points
Please note: New guildies will be "spotted" or advanced 300 dkp their first raid, new pugs (or non-guildies) will be advanced 200 dkp.

MAINSET (Values are based upon opening bids for standard non-heroic loot)

* Two-hand weapon & Hunter ranged weapon,Trinket, set of 8 Blood Spirits = 140 DKP
* Tier armor tokens, set of 6 Blood Spirits = 120 DKP
* Head, Chest, Legs, 1-hand weapon, Hunter 2-hand weapon, Off-hand/Shield = 100 DKP
* Shoulder, Hands, Feet , Neck, Back, Finger = 80 DKP
* Wrist,Waist = 60 DKP
* Ranged, Hunter 1-hand, Libram/Idol/Totem = 40 DKP
* Recipes will go to officers to distribute (they will stay within guild)

*Values for heroic loot is 50% more than standard loot "MAINSET". Please note that if dkp is not reset for a raid set that heroic loot might be 100% more than standard loot.

*Values for offset loot is 50% less than standard loot "MAINSET"


 Bids are in increments or multiples of 10
 Gear is main spec 1st
 Gear will then go to offset
*All tier dkped last

BOES - will follow same dkp outline above. If a boe drop and is not bid on with dkp during it's present raid one of two of the following will take place : 1)raid members that are not in attendance to said raid that the boe drops will have the chance to dkp the item if it's an upgrade (this will be decided by the loot master), 2)If no raid member needs the boe (ie it's not an upgrade for anybody) the item will be sold at auction house for guild bank. When dkped in raid we will wait until end of raid or until another boss kill to dkp BOES.

Wait List
If people are on a wait list they will accrue DKP at the same going rate per hour/kill that members in the raid will be. They also have to be logged in at the beginning and end of the hour "check in" times to receive the DKP per hour allotment, and on when bosses are killed for those points too.

If in the event the 25 man breaks into 2 10 mans on a regular raid night (Tues, Wed or Thurs) everybody in attendance will still receive dkp but we will need/greed (MS/OS) all loot. After a minimum of two months of inactive raid attendance dkp maybe wiped for an individual.

Progression 10 man is based on seniority in guild, performance (ie survivability and role performance), raid attendance, class makeup and will not accrue dkp (and yes if you do afk from the game for lengthy amounts of time you won't be considered for this).

*There is no reduced OS rolling on side grades to MS rolls.
**Alternate dps specs (when dps is MS) will only OS roll on weapons.
***Crafting orbs will be dkped in groups of 6,8 (please see above as they have been added to the dkp loot list above).
At some point down the line crafting orbs will be offered via dkp for OS and alts only (and eventually for crafting of items to be sold).
****Legendary quest items will be based on seniority and length of time in guild if they are not a group drop.
*****RAID MOUNTS - will be need/greed rolled by attendance rating. Will be a group of at least 5 to 10 (exact amount of people rolling will be determined at the point when the mount drops by raid attendance at a "natural" or logical cutoff point). 10 or less on 25's and 5 or less on 10's. (If natural cutoff seems higher than the amount of people rolling will be adjusted).
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