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Siege of Orgrimmar (SoO) will be an extension of the dkp rules for ToT loot/gear (listed below).
There is a partial dkp wipe for SoO. Crafting orbs have changed to cds for crafting mats and will be used to sell for gold for guild bank (as recipes are no longer drops in raid). Items that are now "better" normal or heroic gear are called "Warforged" and are not called "Thunderforged anymore.

Throne of Thunder will introduce a new item level of gear between normal and heroic gear called "Thunderforged".

Normal values are as follows:

* Two-hand weapon & Hunter ranged weapon, Trinkets, 8 Haunting spirits = 120 DKP
* Tier armor tokens, 6 Haunting spirits = 100 DKP
* Head, Chest, Legs, 1-hand weapon, Off-hand/Shield = 80 DKP
* Shoulder, Hands, Feet , Neck, Back, Finger = 60 DKP
* Wrist,Waist = 40 DKP

* Recipes will go to officers to distribute (they will stay within guild)

*Values for normal baseline "Offset" loot is 50% less than normal baseline "Mainset" loot

**Values for "Thunderforged" gear will be 50% more than normal baseline dkp loot values. Heroic loot is 100% more than normal baseline dkp loot values. Please note that if dkp is not reset for a raid set that heroic loot might be 150% more than normal baseline dkp loot values.


 Bids are in increments or multiples of 10
 Gear is main spec 1st and then will be bid off spec after
 All Tier dkped last
 Thunderforged will be dkped after "Normal" loot but before Tier

Please note that there will be a partial dkp wipe (not a full wipe) for Throne of Thunder as we suspect we will be going back to Tier 14 (MSV, HoF, and Terrace) to farm for gear.

Original MoP post for dkp/loot is here

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