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Hey Everybody !!!!

There is a rush to get to 100 and get geared. Hopefully our first raid is the first week of December and might be even that Monday (depending on when raids are actually added). At this moment they are stating 2 1/2 weeks which would be about the right time but we will have to wait, see and be prepared.

Positing this with a short list of item upgrades that might more immediately help you boost your ilevel to get you into those ever important heroic dungeons.

First and most importantly to que for things with ilevel requirements like heroics it is total ilevel on you not equipped. If you are doing anything like questing/killing rares etc. and if you get something that is higher ilevel than what you are currently wearing please if you can equip it keep it in your bag as the game will recognize the higher item when calculating your ilevel

There are faction vendors in Ashran that you can purchase two ilevel 615 trinkets from.
The legendary quest line initially gives you a ilevel 640 ring and you can purchase a second to keep in your bag to boost your ilevel.
If you have honor left over (as it did not reset) you can purchase a 620 ilevel item from a vendor in Ashran.

If anybody has anymore quick ways of getting quick ilevel gear for que requirements please whisper me in game and I will add to this post.

Thank you

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