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Hello All!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying Warlords so far. It's much more immersed than the last two expansions.
Not a lot of time to spend on this (have to get back to my garrison!!) and since we know the major "points" from previous expansions going to keep it as basic as possible.

DKP will apply only to Heroic difficulty and up (basically Mythic and Heroic). All lower difficulties will be self loot.
Therefore attendance will be tracked on Heroic/Mythic difficulty. It is to your benefit to try and attend early Normal raids for additional loot. Normal raids will be phased out over time and rescheduled based on need.
*Initially try to bring consumables until guild can regularly supply again (get resources built up).

DKP awarded

 20 points per 1 hour of raid attended (3 hr raid = 60 points)
 Each boss killed is 40 points
Everybody will start with 300 DKP for first raid.
Please note: New guild members will be "spotted" or advanced 300 DKP their first raid, new pugs (or non-guilded) will be advanced 200 DKP. Changes will be made accordingly for Mythic.

MAINSET (Values are based upon opening bids for standard Heroic loot)

* Two-hand weapon & Hunter ranged weapon, Trinkets = 160 DKP
* Tier armor tokens, One handed weapons, Off-hands/Shields = 120 DKP
* Head, Chest, Legs, Back, Rings, and Necks = 80 DKP
* Wrist, Waist, Shoulder, Hands, Feet = 40 DKP

* Values for offset loot is 50% less than "MAINSET" loot. Offset loot for "pure" DPS classes will only be applicable to weapons for now. There will be no Off set bids on side grades - these will be viewed as Main set bids.

*Values for Warforged (WF) loot and sockets will initially be 25% more each than standard Heroic loot (respective to Main set or Off set bidding). Mythic will be 100% more than standard Heroic loot (again respective to Main set or Off set bidding) and then WF and sockets will increase accordingly to these new value.

* Recipes and BOES (if they exist) will go to officers to distribute (they will stay within guild)


 Bids are in increments or multiples of 10
 Gear is main spec 1st
 Gear will then go to offset
*All tier will DKP last

Wait List
If people are on a wait list they will accrue DKP at the same going rate per hour/kill that members in the raid will be. They also have to be logged in at the beginning and end of the hour "check in" times to receive the DKP per hour allotment, and on when bosses are killed for those points too.

After a minimum of two months of inactive raid attendance DKP maybe wiped for an individual.

Mythic is based on seniority in guild, performance (ie survivability, role performance), lag, raid attendance and class makeup (and yes if you do AFK from the game for lengthy amounts of time you won't be considered for this so please do not ask for a spot if you know you are an "AFKer" from game).

*****RAID MOUNTS - will be need/greed rolled by attendance rating. Will be a group of at least 5 to 10 (exact amount of people rolling will be determined at the point when the mount drops by raid attendance at a "natural" or logical cutoff point). 10 or less on 25's and 5 or less on 10's. (If natural cutoff seems higher than the amount of people rolling will be adjusted).

Thank you and see you in Draenor!!!

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