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Well all said it's been a pretty good expansion so far (knock on wood).
Glad to see everybody enjoying the content, and to see old faces coming back to the game.

So back to raid loot. Again since we know the major "points" from previous expansions and going to keep it as basic as possible.

Progression raid nights are Tuesday, Thursday at 5:30 pm server to 8:30 pm server. Invites start at 5:00 pm server. Remember there are no break times.

DKP and Attendance
Attendance and therefore DKP will be tracked and monitored on progression raid nights (Tues/Thurs).
It's early in the expansion and we may think about a third night, but mostly likely if we do one it would be temporary. DKP may not be awarded on alternative nights.

DKP Awarded

 20 points per 1 hour of raid attended (3 hr raid = 60 points)
 40 points per boss killed on heroic, 40 points per boss killed on mythic
 New members will be advanced 200 dkp (appropriate changes will be made for harder difficulties)
 Bids are in increments or multiples of 10

MAINSET (Values are based upon opening bids for standard Heroic loot)

* Trinkets = 160 DKP
* Tier or set pieces, Relics = 120 DKP
* Armor (Head, chest, legs, back, wrist, waist, shoulders, hands, feet) = 80 DKP
* Jewelry (neck, rings) = 40 DKP

*Warforged and socketed loot will be 25% more than standard loot. If a warforged and socketed item drops it will be 50% more than standard loot. Titanforged loot +15 ilevels higher than standard loot will be 75% more than standard loot

*Titanforged loot more than 15 ilvls over standard heroic loot will be starting bid will be decided at the time of the drop.

* Values for offset loot is 50% less than "MAINSET" loot. Offset loot for "pure" DPS classes will only be applicable to weapons for now. There will be no Off set bids on side grades - these will be viewed as Main set bids.

**Normal loot will be charged for initially in the raid set and will be 50% of the values set for heroic loot.
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