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Okay so posting in general some information about raiding rules and DKP each posted below - click on the blue "Cata Raiding" link above to be sure to read them as you may be getting deducted DKP w/out knowing it. If you do not see a writeup detailing costs of items and "afk rules" you have not found those posts. We have given fair warning (yes that was ominous DKP requires responsibility on your part too). Some of you may already have negative DKP and no loot (bwahahahaha).

On a side note thank you for coming to the site and reading this (and creating a log in). It shows a level of commitment. Please be aware that to properly log DKP all raiders maybe required to create an additional log in for the linked EQdkp-plus site. Blade will communicate whether this is necessary.

We will be starting on 25 Bastion of Twilight and Throne of the 4 Winds raids probably so everybody do your research and watch your videos and read your write ups (don't be slackers like Blade hehe).
First week of raiding will be at 5 server and then will move to 5:30 server the subsequent weeks.

Looking for an average equipped gear score of 340 initially in MS, as everybody is gearing exceptions will be made to this on case by case basis at raid time (please realize that I can not give you an answer before raid time). Do your best to gear up as much as possible. (Greens are frowned upon..yes everybody knows you are a baddie hehe).

There may be a "Wait list" implemented initially (hopefully not) as with the new content attendance will probably be up. This is a good thing and we ask for everybody to be patient and flexible (off-specs will called on a lot initially) until things settle. This "Wait list" will eventually be based on raid performance.

Also for the first two weeks we will allow people to have negative DKP as everybody will have equal dkp upfront. Eventually there might be a "decaying" or "zero point" system in place but that will be decided later.


Sab :P

*Now that we are in Firelands a minimum of a 365 gear score in pve gear will be required

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Raiding Rules

Raid Attendance
1)Raid attendance must be around 70% to guarantee a raiding position (yes we will be tracking and yes I have always tracked - hence the phone book reference).
2)People that leave early will be penalized "30" DKP (it doesn't matter if it's 2 hours, 1 hour, or 15 min)
exceptions to this will be decided on only by raid lead or person in charge of DKP ONLY (Sab or Blade)

Tardies anybody running late are not guaranteed a raid spot. Anybody running late that still expects a raid spot will experience a minus 30 dkp if there is a raid spot.

AFKS are running rampant in the raid and AFKS are bad for runs sooo (as a badly placed AFK of 3 or 4 min can cause momentum to be lost quickly on a kill if it's timed right):
1)If you go AFK only the raid lead (Sab) should be sent a tell. Tells for an afk in raid, guild chat or to any other raider will not be considered stating you are going AFK. If you go AFK without whispering raid lead and getting an answer a minus "10" DKP will be processed (don't complain Blade wanted to make it more lol).
2)If you are AFK more than a 5-10 minutes you run the risk of being replaced in the raid if a backup option is on. This is considered an extended AFK and will also be minus "10" DKP.
3)If another person (raid lead or officer) is monitoring AFKS Sab will designate "AFK monitor"
4)We will be keeping a log of AFKS...5 extended AFKS per raiding month is considered "extensive" and said person will lose guaranteed raiding position (this is about a ratio of 40% #AFKS to #of raids as we will be raiding 3 times a week and 4 weeks in a month ==> 12 raiding days/month).
This applies to all raids that are considered progression where DKP is accrued.

Mains vs Alts
If somebody wants to switch their "main" raiding "toon" in progression content
It must be approved by guild leader and (needless to say) must be VERY good reason. Alts are not welcome in progression raiding. Off runs are fine for alts. The reason for this is logical and most people will agree and understand...bringing the same geared "toons" to raids constantly ensures: 1)everybody eventually gets geared, 2)Under geared and not as "practiced/played" alts => gimp raid, geared exp raiding "toons" => more progressed raids and successful runs. One switch "may" be allowed BUT there will be no switching back (and DKP accrued will be wiped). Remember that "pugging" positions in raid can be more beneficial than gearing alts as people can only raid on one "toon", and "pugging" brings in recruits (pretty often too).

Most of the "temp" (or long term) exceptions to bringing an alt will be based on whether we are short tanks or healers and need them. On another note if a person is asked to switch because raid lead needs a role filled temporarily said player will be allowed to accrue DKP. If a person is trying to switch for their own personal reasons (or switch request is initiated by player ie blood quest in ICC) they will not receive DKP if they attend. This also applies to switching main specs.

Also in any case if people switch to OS in the raid to help with a missing role (ie tank, heal, dps) they will still bid as their MS their original role unless otherwise arranged by raid lead. And in the case that something is arranged only tank and heal postiions will probably be arranged as these positions seem to go through more transition than other classes. These exceptions will be made for the raid night and can not be switched back and forth from boss to boss.

Officers will be expected to support these rules and not bend them (to quote a great raid leader Stoneybaby "consistency consistency consistency"). Without consistency there is no respect.
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The good stuff - Loot and DKP
Blade being directly responsible for monitoring and updating EQdkp-plus and Billy will be loot master.
All DKP questions should be directed to Blade (please keep comments constructive as we are not responsible for any bodily harm that you may encounter from Blade aggro). Please note that the DKP will be "work in progress" and values assigned may/will need to be adjusted accordingly as we venture into using DKP. As another side note if DKP does not work or seems to be too much work to the "gains" we see - we will revert back to our old loot rules.
We will post on guild message of the day if any adjustments have or will be made.

DKP awarded

 20 points per 1 hour of raid attended (3 hr raid = 60 points)
 Each boss killed is 40 points
Please note: New guildies will be "spotted" or advanced 300 dkp their first raid, new pugs (or non-guildies) will be advanced 200 dkp.

MAINSET (Values are based upon opening bids for standard non-heroic loot)

* Two-hand weapon & Hunter ranged weapon,Trinket, set of 4 Living Embers = 140 DKP
* Tier armor tokens = 120 DKP
* Head, Chest, Legs, 1-hand weapon, Hunter 2-hand weapon, Off-hand/Shield = 100 DKP
* Shoulder, Hands, Feet , Neck, Back, Finger = 80 DKP
* Wrist,Waist = 60 DKP
* Ranged, Hunter 1-hand, Libram/Idol/Totem = 40 dDKP
* Recipes will go to officers to distribute (they will stay within guild)

*Values for heroic loot is 50% more than standard loot "MAINSET". Please note that if dkp is not reset for a raid set that heroic loot might be 100% more than standard loot.

*Values for offset loot is 50% less than standard loot "MAINSET"


 Bids are in increments or multiples of 10
 Gear is main spec 1st
 Gear will then go to offset
*All tier dkped last

BOES - will follow same dkp outline above. If a boe drop and is not bid on with dkp during it's present raid one of two of the following will take place : 1)raid members that are not in attendance to said raid that the boe drops will have the chance to dkp the item if it's an upgrade (this will be decided by the loot master), 2)If no raid member needs the boe (ie it's not an upgrade for anybody) the item will be sold at auction house for guild bank. When dkped in raid we will wait until end of raid or until another boss kill to dkp BOES.

Wait List

If people are on a wait list they will accrue DKP at 1/2 the going rate per hour/kill that members in the raid will be. They also have to be logged in at the beginning and end of the hour "check in" times to receive the DKP per hour allotment, and on when bosses are killed for those points too.

If in the event the 25 man breaks into 2 10 mans on a regular raid night (Tues, Wed or Thurs) everybody in attendance will still receive dkp but we will need/greed (MS/OS) all loot. After a minimum of two months of inactive raid attendance dkp maybe wiped for an individual.

Progression 10 man is based on seniority in guild, performance (ie survivability and role performance), raid attendance, class makeup and will not accrue dkp (and yes if you do afk from the game for lengthy amounts of time you won't be considered for this).

*There is no reduced OS rolling on side grades to MS rolls.
**Alternate dps specs (when dps is MS) will only OS roll on weapons.
***Crafting orbs will be dkped in groups of 4 (please see above as they have been added to the dkp loot list above).
At some point down the line they will be offered via dkp for OS and alts only (not for crafting of items to be sold).
****Legendary quest items will be based on seniority and length of time in guild
*****RAID MOUNTS - will be need/greed rolled by attendance rating. Will be a group of at least 5 to 10 (exact amount of people rolling will be determined at the point when the mount drops by raid attendance at a "natural" or logical cutoff point). 10 or less on 25's and 5 or less on 10's.

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